Forum on Future International IVR activities

Juan les Pins, Palais des Congrès, France

January 23, 2020




Objectives of the forum

The IVMR seminar will be followed by a forum, open to all participants interested in continuing R&D about IVR. The purpose of the forum is to provide inputs for the R&D orientation of new research projects and to discuss about possible frameworks to continue collaborative R&D actions about IVR.

This forum will focus on defining priorities for R&D on IVR and listing all the relevant experimental facilities or possible new facilities that could provide new and useful data for the improvement of the evaluation of IVR.


Preliminary program of the forum

Session 1: Existing and future experimental facilities for IVR

  • Participants are invited to provide information about their facilities and possibilities of use in the future

Session 2: Planned international and national projects on IVR (EC, IAEA, OECD/NEA, …)

  • Participants are invited to provide information about existing projects or project proposals including activities related to IVR

Session 3: Discussions on possible frameworks for future collaborations



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